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Home garden lighting

Home garden lighting

Lighting is as important outside as it is inside your home. Follow these simple tips to illuminate your garden.

  • Layer lighting in the garden as you would in the house. Use spotlights to draw attention to key features such as sculptures, and opt for floodlights to offer a broader wash of light across a path.
  • Consider how your set-up will look from all vantage points, especially from different levels in a house. It’s a good idea to use a dimmer switch to control lighting that is near your home, so that you can create a seamless indoor/outdoor transition.
  • When entertaining, combine candles, flares and fire bowls and drape strings of lanterns across trees to create an atmospheric blanket of light.
  • Simple tricks such as illuminating a tree at the end of the garden, can add a sense of perspective.
  • Freestanding lamps can transform outside seating areas into attractive ‘garden rooms’. There’s a huge variety of weatherproof designs available, from the traditional to the very modern.
  • A little light will go a long way at night, so you only need one-watt LED bulbs to pick out your favorite plants or other focal points.
  • In small spaces, try lighting a window box or placing a few spiked spotlights around the perimeter to make your garden feel larger.
  • Products with ground spikes offer versatility. You can move them as you change your space around.
  • Use green metal or dark fittings as they blend in with your plants, so are not easy to spot during the day. Copper fittings are also good as they develop a verdigris patina with time
  • Whatever the lighting, work with a qualified electrician so that all connections are properly sealed and waterproofed.

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