Red brick fireplace makeover

Red brick fireplace makeover

Fireplace with shelf and protection glass

Red brick fireplace makeover offers a aesthetic raise to an whole place. Whether you’re modernizing the red brick to match a fresh decorating model or just put in order the present design, provide different life into your existing fireplace using a makeover. Expert redecorating suggestions will help you give your red brick fireplace a face-lift you will really like.


Man cleaning sooty inside part

In some cases a fireplace just needs a complete cleaning and a small repair to provide it an modified, refreshing view. Blackened soot, ashes and dirt particles can accumulate on the outside and inside areas of a fireplace, creating the bricks look at aged and unclean. Utilize a medium 120-grit sandpaper to gently sand every loose bits of mortar or crumbling brick on your fireplace. Following, brush your bricks with a solution of vinegar combined with hot water. Immerse a stiff brush into the solution and gently wash your fireplace to clean the dust and remains off of the bricks. Spritz with clear water to wash and blot dry with a clean fabric.

Red brick fireplace makeover by paint or reface 

Old red brick fireplace has been painted in grey color, before and after photo

Red brick fireplace makeover with fake stone panels.

Implement a brand new layer of paint to your red brick fireplace to get a new look. Light-colored paint helps make a fireplace be noticed and seem bigger. Alternatively, dark-colored paint could make an oversize fireplace seem smaller. After cleaning the bricks, use a paint primer formulated particularly for brick. Enable the primer to dry up prior to rolling on an inside latex paint over the fireplace bricks.

Implement an additional layer of paint as soon as the 1st layer is dry. Utilize a high-temperature firebox paint to make the firebox seem clean and new. You may also reface your red brick fireplace with fake stone panels that imitate organic rock. They are simple to set up above current bricks to give your fireplace the appearance of organic stone without the big cost that is included with true stone.

Brick fireplace makeover by adding a mantel 

Makeover red brick fireplace with white mantel and big clocks

Attach a mantel space or encircle to your red brick fireplace to provide an attractive upgrade. Place a mantel shelf a couple of feet over your fireplace’s firebox and attach it to the brick with cement screws. A mantel surround encases the fireplace across the sides and top to provide shade and graphic elegance. A smooth white-colored mantel can offer a large comparison and contemporary update towards red brick. A dark mantel provides a touch of elegance to a brick fireplace. Mantel shelving and surrounds can be found in a number of designs to match any kind of design.


Family photo hanging over brick fireplace

Liven up a red brick fireplace by hanging a colorful part of extra-large artwork above it. Light up your art with an eyeball can light set up in the ceiling. To get a high-tech feel, add a flat screen tv over your fireplace to increase a contemporary update that is additionally useful. Test hanging a huge, decorative mirror over your fireplace to reveal the activity and furnishings in the room, helping to make a little room experience much more large. Make softer the seem of a red brick fireplace by setting potted greenery or flowering plants on top of mantel. Give your fireplace an immediate update with many different pottery, decorative figurines, a range of candlesticks, fresh candles and floral vases of fresh flowers.

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