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Outdoor fire pit areas

Outdoor fire pit areas

The perfect focal point for afternoon drinks or late-night soirées, a fire pit recreatesthe best bits of camping in your own back garden. Plus, it costs next to nothing to build your own.

Outdoor fire pit areasYou’ll first need to ensure that you don’t live in an area that bans wood-burning fires. Also, consider the direction that the smoke will blow in and watch out for trees, fences or buildings that could catch alight. Once your safety checks are complete, dig a circular hole, around one-meter in diameter and 30 centimeters deep, in your garden and build a low wall around the circumference using fire-safe bricks. Leave a small gap between each brick to facilitate air circulation. Cover the bottom of the pit with quick-setting concrete, leaving a gentle dip in the middle to place your kindling on.

With a bit of creativity, the results can be beautiful. Take, for instance, this design (pictured above) by J Parker Landscapes created for Tatton Park in Cheshire, which has wraparound stone-and-copper seating.

Alternatively, if building your own fire pit sounds a little too much like hard work, you can buy a ready-made freestanding one. Modern stone and concrete designs, which can also work with gas, are heavy to move and can be pricey, but a rustic cast-iron bowl on a stand will do the job perfectly. It will weather over time, but that’s part of its appeal, and upkeep requires little more than cleaning with hot water and a wire brush.

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