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Painting brick fireplace ideas

What do you do with an outdated-looking fireplace? You give it a some fresh paint! Get

Red brick fireplace makeover

  Red brick fireplace makeover offers a aesthetic raise to an whole place. Whether

White and grey brick fireplaces

The natural color of many types of natural stone - white with gray patches and patterns. Such

Grey painted fireplace

Even though light and shiny hued areas are really preferred today, from time to time the transform

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1-03-2016, 10:54

Fluted sink

The Shaws Bowland sink is the perfect choice if you're looking for a large single bowl, kitchen sink with a luxurious traditional look. This very popular. British made traditional style sink, has a distinctive fluted front and is available in both white and biscuit finishes with
23-02-2016, 05:10

Tricks of the light

  Sally Storey, design director for John Cullen Lighting, explains how to master hidden lighting effects.   Cleverly concealed lighting can accentuate key architectural features in your home and save space. ‘The trick is to build layers of hidden lighting in
23-02-2016, 04:41

Wall hanging rugs

A beautiful rug is a piece of art. As such, it can make a stunning addition to your wall. Before you grab the nearest dhurrie, however, there are a few rules to follow. To perfect the look, your chosen rug needs to be luxurious (no flimsy floorcoverings), but the pile cannot be
22-02-2016, 03:27

Home garden lighting

Lighting is as important outside as it is inside your home. Follow these simple tips to illuminate your garden.
17-02-2016, 05:12

Outdoor fire pit areas

The perfect focal point for afternoon drinks or late-night soirées, a fire pit recreates the best bits of camping in your own back garden. Plus, it costs next to nothing to build your own.
21-01-2016, 05:20

Fire and stone

    Jamb makes the slickest fireplace surrounds on the block and has just launched three designs in black marble.
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