Perfect home bar – how to create

Perfect home bar – how to create

Perfect home bar - how to create

Planning your space.

everyday entertaining, a large cupboard can be easily converted into a
practical bar. However, if you regularly throw parties for large groups and
require room for two people to be making drinks at the same time, you’ll need a
bar that’s around two meters long. Consider the wiring, ventilation and
plumbing early on.

Wet or dry?

You can
incorporate a ‘dry’ bar just about anywhere, but havin6 a ‘wet’ bar, with a
built-in sink (and preferably an ice- maker) is much more useful for serious
mixologists. Including a dishwasher

means that
no one has to ferry glasses back and forth to the kitchen. The sink does not
need to be huge and should ideally be incorporated seamlessly into a
stainless-steel work surface.

your materials.

A bar is a
great way to express yourself. We have created everything from wooden bars that
discreetly match existing paneling to ones featuring built-in aquariums.
Designers can use just about any material you can think of, but to avoid damage
to surfaces that will get wet repeatedly it makes sense to use stainless-
steel, aluminum, glass or mirrored tops.

Perfect home bar - how to create

The essential tools.

You only
need six basic tools: a good cocktail shaker, a mixing glass or smallish jug, a
long-handled stirring spoon that has a bit of weight to it, a strainer to get
rid of seeds and pulp, a ‘jigger’ with a one-ounce measure on one side and a
two-ounce measure on the other, and a paring knife for cutting strips of peel.


Unless you
always serve one signature drink, it makes sense to collect a whole array of
glassware, from short glasses to coupes, and a variety of tumblers. Don’t worry
if they don’t match, but do ensure that you have enough of each type.

The drinks.

A couple of
bottles of vodka, gin, whisky, a bourbon and some vermouth, as well as a light
and a dark rum, should be more than enough for most bars, but you may want to
add a bottle of Cointreau and some Triple Sec. Have a few fruit purees (as well
as lemons, limes, strawberries, oranges, raspberries and fresh mint) in the
fridge, along with a good range of mixers and a selection of bottled beers.

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