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Living room renovations

Living room renovations

Create a fresh new look in your home this spring with our tops tips and inspiration.

Our living room’s full of clutter. Any advice?

Things are more likely to be tidied away if you make it easy, so ensure you create nearby storage for each area of your room. For example, if your dining table is part of the living room, a sideboard will take all you need for the table - but can also hold board games and stationery. Make sure you have storage for games and films by the TV and magazine racks near sofas.

We can’t afford wood. How do we get the look?

There are some extremely good wood lookalikes on offer. Vinyl flooring can reproduce the look and has the advantage of feeling warm underfoot. It’s also hard-wearing so will stand up to family life.

Living room renovations

My living room’s also a dining space. How can I divide the two areas?

We like this Braga expandable shelving, which would make a physical separation between the different areas but won’t create a heavy barrier, or compromise the room’s spaciousness. Think carefully about what you display in a room divider as packing it full will block the flow of light through the room. Consider, too, that you’ll see the objects you show off from both sides.

Living room renovations

I want to make a play area. Any suggestions?

Define the floor space with a rug, children's furniture or seating, such as these Little Baby Company child's colourful pouffes. Include storage as part of the area to keep toys and games tidy. A shelving unit with space for baskets or containers that can be pulled out and filled then tucked away will work well.

Living room renovations

What’s the best way to dress a French window?

If you’re lucky enough to have a good outlook, then curtains are a sound choice so you can frame the view with the sweep of your fabric. Why not get some cushions made up in the same design? Consider whether you need to hang the curtains so they draw right back (for example, if you need to maximise the light coming into the room) but in any case, make sure they don't interfere with the opening of the doors.

A nest of tables would be handy, but I don’t want heavy dark wood.

Forget ornate carved mahogany legs and glass tabletops if these are what nests of tables mean to you - go for light wood and clean lines instead. It looks great and will make a light, cheerful addition to your room.

How do I create a great­looking picture display?

In general, make sure your picture - or the centre of a group of pictures - is hung at eye level. If you are grouping pictures, a link between them works well. For example, they might all have black frames, or they might all have the same theme.


I want to lighten the look of my room for spring. Do you have any ideas?

What about these fabulous vases? The vibrant green will suggest the season but the pattern gives them a fresh twist. They're perfect for decorating a mantel, or if your room doesn't have a fireplace, use a side table for an attractive grouping.

What’s the best way to include a home office in the living room?

Choose a desk that’s sympathetic to the rest of the decor in your living space. You could match sofa legs, for example, or pick up an accent shade from the scheme if you fancy a bolder look. Make sure you include plenty of storage so paperwork doesn’t clutter the desktop.

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