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What is vaulted ceiling?

What is vaulted ceiling?

Vaulted ceiling
- is an architectural phrase for an arched form utilized to give a space with a ceiling or housetop. The elements of a vault apply lateral thrust that needs a countertop opposition. When vaults are created underground, the land provides all the opposition needed. Nevertheless, when the vault is created over surface, numerous replacements are utilized to produce the necessary resistance. A good example is the thicker walls utilized in the situation of barrel or continuous vaults. Buttresses are used to provide resistance when intersecting vaults are utilized.
Once revered as the best in house luxurious, the vaulted ceiling is either liked or disliked by house owners, contractors, designers, and architects.  Nobody has a mild or indecisive reaction to them.
Occasionally known as a tall ceiling, certainly one of its main issues that it is a notorious energy-waster. On the plus part, they look great and supply plenty of lighting inside a residence. Vaulted ceilings are often constructed as "new-construction,” instead of renovated into a home with traditional flat ceilings.

What is vaulted ceiling?

Vaulted ceilings present areas a light and airy feeling
. For one thing, they enable great skylight positioning.  They are doing an admirable job of showing timber supports.  Rather than hanging low (and at a clumsy position to be seen), on the vaulted ceiling they are raised higher and angled better to be viewed.

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