How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

If you’ve grown tired of the look of your brick fireplace surround, take notice: Actually the most inexperienced DIYers can learn how to paint a brick fireplace. 

Ensure you Have the Correct Material

While there are numerous stuff that can be integrated on an OK-to-paint list, the majority of stone fireplaces-limestone, sandstone, river rock, for example-are less open and more difficult to modify when you do color them. If you consider you might want to color your fireplace, be sure it is a brick surround primary.

Clean, Clean, After that Clean Once again

To ensure your paint adheres and dries correctly, you will need to clean up the brick. Utilize a cord clean brush to obtain any dust or dirt, use nonsudsy trisodium phosphate (also known as TSP; put on gloves and protection glasses), and clean carefully with a heavy-duty cleaner. Wash and let dry. Tape off every regions that you want to stay paint-free.

Prime the Brick

A stain-blocking, oil-based primer can assist guard your paint against long term soot stains as you utilize the fireplace. To use, place a drop fabric and apply primer to the whole area, adopting the producer instructions on the can.

Color the Brick

When the primer is dried out, it’s period to coloring (and possibly paint double or triple times). Select interior latex paint, both flat, semigloss, or gloss, which is ranked to withstand heat produced by the fireplace (usually around 200°F), and a roller especially for textured areas. The latter will assist in covering the area of the brick, which is probably not completely soft. For every destinations that you can not access utilizing a roller, contact up with a little paintbrush. Put on a second and next layer as necessary.

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