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Hanging curtain rods

For the maximum amount of light, the end of the brackets should be placed on each side of the window opening so the curtains can be drawn back completely. The exact placement will depend on the width of the gathered curtain. In our project, only end supports are required. For larger windows, extra support also may be needed above the middle of the window. Curtain weight and rod strength should also be considered when deciding on how much rail support is needed.


STEP 1 - Measure

Hanging curtain rods

Make a mark above the window recess for the required height of the rod. This will depend on curtain length and aesthetic preference. Hanging the rod close to the ceiling line can make a room look taller


STEP 2 - Draw a Level Line

Hanging curtain rods

Use the height mark to draw a level guide line above the recess; this should extend slightly beyond the recess width on each side.


STEP 3 - Level It

Hanging curtain rods

Use a level to make a mark on the horizontal line directly above the corner of the recess.


STEP 4 - Center the Rod Over the Window

Hanging curtain rods

Measure back to mark the position of the brackets. This distance will depend on the width of the gathered curtain.


STEP 5 - Position the Brackets

Hanging curtain rods

Position the end support on the mark and use a pencil to mark off attachment holes. Remove the end support.


STEP 6 - Secure the Brackets

Hanging curtain rods

Plug attachment holes if necessary and screw into place. Repeat steps for the other end support.


STEP 7 - Cut the Rod to Length

Hanging curtain rods

It must extend a couple of inches on each side of the end support brackets to accommodate end rings and finials. With supports in place, thread the rod through one end support.


STEP 8 - Attach Rings and End Support

Hanging curtain rods

Position rings on the rod before threading the other end of the rod through the other end support.


STEP 9 - Place Outer Ring

Hanging curtain rods

Position one ring on the outer side of each of the end supports.


STEP 10 - Position Finials on the Ends of the Rod

Hanging curtain rods

Normally these are just pushed to fit; some are secured by a screw.


STEP 11 - Secure the Rod

Hanging curtain rods

Attach the rod to the bracket by securing screws through the supports and into the rod. You may need to pilot-drill these holes first.



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