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Modern walk in wardrobe

Modern walk in wardrobe

You don’t need the shoe collection of Imelda Marcos to require a bespoke storage solution. Here’s our comprehensive guide to creating your dream closet.

Why have one? A walk-in wardrobe is a practical storage option. Think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s closet in Sex and the City. Storing clothes, shoes and accessories in this way allows you to stay organized, keep everything in optimum condition and see belongings at a glance. What’s more, it can be a big selling point for properties.

How do I find the space? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of room. The minimum depth required is 120 centimeters: this provides enough capacity to accommodate rails and shelves while allowing you to walk up and down inside. Julia Dee of The Wardrobe Curator suggests moving your bed away from the wall and building a stud wall behind it, with an entrance at one end. You could also consider unused areas such as spare rooms, attics or stairwells.

How do I plan it? First, count how many clothes you own to help work out the number of storage devices you’ll need. Then think about the types of garments you have, and identify which ones will need to be hung, folded or stacked. Don’t forget to allow room for new purchases.

Is it expensive? It depends on how you build the wardrobe. Some company creates bespoke solutions to suit medium to high budgets. A cheaper alternative is to build your own using high-street components: Ikea's "Pax" system can be converted into a walk-in wardrobe by removing the doors. You could also try hanging garments on a freestanding rail. Floating shelves are great for storing folded items. Retail displays can offer inspiration: fixing shelving to the wall opens up your space and keeps costs down. Go one step further and use salvaged shop materials.

Modern walk in wardrobe

What about storing accessories? Shoes are generally best presented on static or slide-out shelves. For jewelers or smaller items, putting clear compartments on a shelf so that you can see everything at once. Drawer dividers also help to maintain order.

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