Easy bathroom updates – 3 tips

Easy bathroom updates – 3 tips

Easy bathroom updates – 3 tips

Simple tips
for revamping what you already have…

your bath a makeover

Turn your
tub into the focal point of the room by updating its side panel or cladding.
Use reclaimed wood for a rustic vibe or mosaic tiles for something more
glamorous. Freestanding baths can be given a quick aesthetic lift with a simple
lick of paint.

window shutters

The new
generation of shutters are built to withstand bathroom condensation, so you don’t
have to worry about the wood warping or rotting. Brilliant for letting the
light in while preserving your privacy, they’re a worthwhile investment. Thomas
Sanderson offers a range of shutters that are made to measure.

3. Soften your water

yourself of limescale build-up and say hello to silkier hair by fitting a water
softener. The \”2020c” by Kinetico is compact enough to fit under your kitchen
sink and doesn’t need an electricity supply.

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