Bath in bedroom

Bath in bedroom



Bath in bedroom

Bath in your bedroom is the ultimate luxury. More decadent than an en-suite, a stylish freestanding tub makes the ideal spot to unwind in privacy and comfort.

Bathing in
the bedroom
has grown in popularity since a change in building regulations in
2008 that now means water and electric sockets can be placed in the same room,
so long as they are at least three meters apart. Putting a beautiful bathtub
beside your bed is both extravagant and practical. Here’s how to do it.

1. Where to start.

permission is not required, but you will need to notify your local government
authority and you may have to pay for building regulations approval (check your
council’s website for details). Next, find yourself a local trusted plumber;
The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering can recommend one.

Bath in bedroom

2. Flooring.

A full bath
contains about 175 liters of water, weighing an extra 175 kilograms on top of
the tub’s weight. Ask a plumber to check that your floor is strong enough. They
will look at factors such as the structure of the flooring and whether it has
wooden joists or steel beams, which give added support. The bath must be sealed
to prevent water from escaping and to safeguard electrics; fit a waterproof
tile-backing board underneath your floor.

If the room
is on the ground level, you can waterproof wooden floors by sealing them with
marine paint, which is hard-wearing.

3. The bath.

Opt for a
statement bathtub that suits the style of your bedroom. If your pipework is
likely to be on show, consider copper piping for a touch of utilitarian chic.

4. Fittings.

New pipes
will need to be laid for the drainpipe and tapware. Raise the bath onto a
plinth. It makes a feature of the bathtub and creates a handy cavity for the
pipe fittings to be stored out of view.

5. Air the room.

To avoid a
steamy sleeping space, ventilate the room with an electric extractor fan.
Attach the fan to your exterior wall to minimize the noise. Fitting a heated
towel rail will also help to reduce the amount of dampness in the air.

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