How to play with patterns

How to play with patterns

contrasting patterns
or mix traditional and modern prints to make endless
combinations. Instinct and impulse play big parts in pulling this off, but you
can create order by using similar tones to link everything together.

spaces can be overwhelming
, but they give you the freedom to play with scale.
This can make it easier to incorporate bigger items of furniture and introduce
bolder shades and patterns.

Don’t be afraid to use color. Start by injecting it
subtly in the form of a painting or a vase, or try upholstering your old sofa
in a bright fabric. I tend to favor a balanced mix of subdued chalky shades and
pops of electric or neon hues. The key is understanding how you want to feel in
your space and working with a palette that induces the right emotions.

and intricate patterns often work well with period features. Use contrasting classic architecture with contemporary shades and prints.

There can
be such a thing as overkill
. Ultimately, though, your home is an expression of
your taste, so the only thing that matters is that you can live happily within
it, whatever the style.

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