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Can you pour concrete over concrete?

Over time, concrete hardens and becomes less porous. Hardening can cause imperfections.

Red brick fireplace makeover

Makeover a red brick fireplace offers a aesthetic raise to an whole place. Whether you're

Types of wall texture

One could possibly create a whole book on each of the various types of textured walls that certain

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

If you've grown tired of the look of your brick fireplace surround, take notice: Actually the most

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9-03-2016, 07:31

Using mirrors to increase light

Mirrors provide an instant decorative update and are a quick and easy way to maximise light and space in your home. Here are four ways to get the most from your looking glass
9-03-2016, 04:17

Hans J Wegner wishbone chair

The complexities of chair design should not be underestimated. As legendary architect Mies van der Rohe once said, ‘it is almost easier to build a skyscraper than a chair’. However, Danish designer Hans J Wegner (1914-2007) overcame these difficulties to become one of the 20th
7-03-2016, 12:44

Be inventive with copper piping

Concealed behind the walls of virtually every home, copper pipes are a hidden gem. Now, as the trend for industrial pieces continues, exposed pipes are an easy way to get the look. Cheap, accessible (you can buy pipes from any builders merchant) and versatile, copper pipes
1-03-2016, 10:32

Creating a space for sewing

If you’re working with fabrics, you may want a generous work surface - the bigger the better. Most of us don’t have a separate room, so instead we’d recommend upping the size of your dining table. Keep the look of the room pretty with a decorative window treatment, such as
1-03-2016, 10:27

Good spot to create a private work area

With the summer months coming, what about moving out to the garden? A large shed or a summerhouse can be transformed into the perfect studio space away from interruptions, and you’ll benefit from the natural light and the view. 
1-03-2016, 09:19

Kitchen revamp tips

If you’re after a new look for your kitchen then tweak the basics with our affordable ideas for floors, walls and windows. Morning, noon and night we ask a lot of our kitchens. Not only do they have to contend with daily wear and tear, we also want them to look good.
29-02-2016, 11:44

Nano Shower Drain - good flow from minimal depth

The latest product from Dallmer is the CeraLine Nano, a high appearance slim-line shower drain that has the priceless advantage of a built-in depth of only 68mm. The new linear drain offers an excellent waste water flow rate of 0.45 litres per second and thus grants a whole
29-02-2016, 11:16

Living room renovations

Create a fresh new look in your home this spring with our tops tips and inspiration.
23-02-2016, 05:37

Perfect home bar - how to create

Planning your space. For everyday entertaining, a large cupboard can be easily converted into a practical bar. However, if you regularly throw parties for large groups and require room for two people to be making drinks at the same time, you’ll need a bar that’s around two
23-02-2016, 04:27

Connected living space

  We’re about to enter the age of the high-tech home. Soon, your sofa will know more about the state of your health than your doctor, and your fridge will be monitoring your diet. Technology expert Tom Bailey explains how ‘the internet of things’ is set to simplify our
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