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Drawing room ceiling designs

The ceiling design is an excellent method to bring personality and concentrate to drawing area.

Best out of waste ideas from plastic bottles

The greatest thing about do it yourself things is that you can do something creative out of

Hall stairs and landing decorating ideas

The hallway is the first impact you get of your house, so it is crucial to take time to plan and

Wall hanging made by waste materials

  Wall decoration ideas from waste material - Usually all of us think about the way

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23-02-2016, 05:26

Coat of armor

London designer Giles Miller’s bespoke metallic surface panels make a unique decorative addition to a home. Comprised of thousands of bent metal flaps that have been arranged in striking geometric patterns, they can be used externally in large panels. 
23-02-2016, 05:05

Sky ceiling - optical illusion

Do not be fooled, this is not a skylight. In fact, it is an incredible, high-tech optical illusion. Perfect if you have a room that lacks natural light, Coelux’s artificial skylight panels can be fitted to ceilings to mimic the look of natural sunlight and constantly sunny skies
22-02-2016, 03:35

Gardens under glass

The trend for greenhouses is big right now, but you don’t need a large garden to take part. With many smaller versions now on offer, all that’s required is a sunny windowsill or balcony. The extra protection offered by growing under glass means you’ll have more plant options
22-02-2016, 02:21

Shutter solutions

A practical option for any home, external shutters filter light and increase privacy. Follow these tips from Nick Garratt, director of The New England Shutter Company, to ensure that you choose the right style for your room.
22-02-2016, 01:59

Under stairs crockery cupboard designs

Cutlery and crockery shelf under stairs:
22-02-2016, 01:41

Glansnava curtain liner

The densely woven curtain liners darken the room and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing into the room.
15-02-2016, 04:43

Chalkboard ceiling

  In this Berlin apartment, the ceiling is coated in blackboard paint and used as a canvas for drawings and quotes.
15-02-2016, 04:37

Pallet wood ceiling

The ceiling of this Copenhagen restaurant is made from repurposed wooden pallets. 
15-02-2016, 04:30

The houndstooth-style ceiling

The houndstooth-style ceiling in this unique New Zealand home was designed to evoke a traditional Maori cloak. 
15-02-2016, 03:41

Illusion of extra space - Expand your horizons

Create the illusion of extra space in a narrow hallway by placing a mirror opposite a window or exterior door to maximize the available sunlight. 
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