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Hall stairs and landing decorating ideas

The hallway is the first impact you get of your house, so it is crucial to take time to plan and

Best out of waste ideas from plastic bottles

The greatest thing about do it yourself things is that you can do something creative out of

Ombre wall paint

The trend in fashion and homeware for ombre - an effect where one color fades into another -

Under stairs crockery cupboard designs

Cutlery and crockery shelf under stairs:

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9-02-2016, 07:25

Highlight sections of a wall

Highlight sections of a wall to create the illusion of architectural features: for instance, simulate dado rails by painting the walls lower half in a different shade.
9-02-2016, 07:15

Color washing

Evoke the feel of a centuries-old Italian palazzo with this rough-luxe look. The effect suits walls that already have imperfections, making a virtue of them.
8-02-2016, 06:42

French door shutters

Shutters can be a brilliant solution for windows or French doors, but how do you achieve the right sense of scale and impact?
8-02-2016, 06:24

Wall of photos

Social media addicts will love this innovative idea for storing and presenting collections of snapshots.
8-02-2016, 06:06

Mirror makeover 

Do you have a plain, unused mirror that needs makeover?
21-01-2016, 05:37

Under stairs shelves

  This under-stairs cubby hole brilliantly maximizes the potential of a notoriously awkward space. 
20-01-2016, 07:55

Suspended staircase

  Suspended steel stairs give this split-level Norwegian apartment a bright, airy feel.
20-01-2016, 05:45

Geometric floor tiling

The "Filo" range comes in a choice of four colors, including "Filo 01", pictured right, and "Filo 03", pictured far right. 
20-01-2016, 05:31

Zig zag stairs

Crucial Trading's soft and wool-rich "Helsinki Narrow" collection adds a luxurious touch to hallways and staircases.
20-01-2016, 05:22

Laminate that creates an illusion of a hardwood floor

Quick Step's "Sandblasted Oak" flooring is a durable laminate that creates a convincing illusion of a hardwood floor with a natural grain. 
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