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3d printed chair

Design that reflects the growing harmony between the natural and the high-tech. At first, nature and technology may appear to be opposing forces. But the design world seems to be offering us a different prospect. Organic materials, from marble and wood to cork, bamboo and terracotta, are everywhere we look; at the same time, developments such as 3D printing and the growing popularity of wearable technology are making futuristic forms of design an everyday reality.

Recently, we’ve seen nature united with technology in breathtaking ways. Royal College of Art graduate Julian Melchiorri has engineered a functioning artificial leaf using plant cells suspended in a matrix of silk protein. Philippe Starck has designed the "Light Photon" lamp for Flos using organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) - natural compounds that produce white light and are suspended between ultra-thin glass sheets. British designer Michael Sodeau has created a lightweight chair made from Hypetex, a new type of carbon fibre that was first developed for the racing-car industry.

Also on the horizon are new innovations that make use of graphene - pure carbon in a flexible, transparent sheet form that conducts heat and light and is 300 times stronger than steel. In Finland, Aalto University’s Nanotalo lab is doing extraordinary research using the country’s plentiful timber, extracting cellulose fibres from it and reconstructing them into a nanocomposite that could replace petrochemical-based plastics.

All of this serves to demonstrate the growing harmony between the organic and the engineered. The days when the words ‘futuristic design’ meant alien plastic pods whose existence was at odds with human experience are long gone. Now, they signify an ecological approach that does not compromise on creativity.

11-01-2016, 05:36
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