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21-07-2017, 07:26

Shoe rack made out of pallets

 Shoe rack made out of pallets - an interesting choice to keep your footwear. They are undoubtedly better than stacking your footwear at the door to provide you ample chance to trip on them when you get into or get away from the home. Because purchasing them can harm your
15-07-2017, 08:52

How to make a pallet coffee table – easy DIY instruction

Want to do something with your own hands? Create your individual coffee table applying reclaimed pallets. Doing some simple search, you can get excellent wood pallets for nothing. The rest of the materials, such as wood stain, carriage bolts and caster wheels - will cost
14-07-2017, 07:35

Restoring an old night stand - DIY step by step

This post will show you step by step guide of how to renovate antique night stand using only paint, grit paper, couple of new handle and screws.