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8-02-2016, 03:47

What makes a design classic?

It takes time for something to become iconic. Anyone who believes in the existence of an ‘instant classic’ has inhaled too much PR. But what exactly is a design classic? It’s a question framed by the devil to torment the cautious.
3-02-2016, 09:17

How to Decorate Your Home

How to decorate your home is a collocation that elicits strong responses at both ends of the emotional spectrum. People either love or hate getting busy with rollers, ladders, paste and paper. Then there’s the subjective mire of what ‘decorative’ means. For some, it
27-01-2016, 06:47

Bath in bedroom

Bath in your bedroom is the ultimate luxury. More decadent than an en-suite, a stylish freestanding tub makes the ideal spot to unwind in privacy and comfort.
27-01-2016, 04:46

Black and white bathroom design

The combination of black and white bathroom design has a classic appeal that can be given a contemporary twist by using simple shapes and dual-toned finishes
27-01-2016, 04:17

Easy bathroom updates – 3 tips

Simple tips for revamping what you already have...
21-01-2016, 08:20

Winterize house: six easy ways

From draught exclusion to masonry checks and warm scents, here’s our all-inclusive practical guide to combating the cold.  
21-01-2016, 05:37

Under stairs shelves

  This under-stairs cubby hole brilliantly maximizes the potential of a notoriously awkward space. 
21-01-2016, 05:20

Fire and stone

    Jamb makes the slickest fireplace surrounds on the block and has just launched three designs in black marble.
21-01-2016, 05:13

Eco design in restaurant

      Brighton-based restaurant Silo's ecological philosophy extends from its food to its furniture.
20-01-2016, 07:55

Suspended staircase

  Suspended steel stairs give this split-level Norwegian apartment a bright, airy feel.
dle 10.1, sdamkvartiry.com