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Office backyard - Shed studio

Office backyard - Shed studio


Working from a garden studio is a time-honored tradition. Here, we find out how to get a modern-day equivalent. In an age of rising travel- and office-rent costs, there are financial incentives to becoming a ‘shed worker’ as well as the draw of optimizing your time while separating work from home. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

How do I build a shed studio? There are surprisingly few hoops to jump through to install one, especially when compared to extending a home. Planning permission is only required if you want to build a structure higher than 2.5 meters, or one that covers more than half of your garden’s area and most companies offer installation services.

I’d prefer to buy a ready-made shed. What designs are there? In terms of shape and style, there are countless pre-fab options out there that are quick to install and don’t cost the earth. The strikingly simple model pictured above. Its angular, irregular shape is reminiscent of a classic lean-to, and it can be installed with full electrics.

Office backyard - Shed studio


What if I want to design my own? Chris Hodge, owner of shed-building company Shackadelic, knows that everyone has different requirements. ‘A recent client wanted a shed that had two offices, one for herself and one for her husband, and a playroom for their children - so we created a U-shaped shack for them,’ he says. ‘Skylights are also a popular request. People like to flood their sheds with natural light and to hold onto that outdoor feel.’ Hodge raises a good point - ask yourself whether you want your studio to blend into your garden, or to stand out from it. Sedum roofs, cedar-shingle cladding - which ages beautifully - or well-worn timber are elements that can camouflage a structure amongst greenery.

What about the interior? As with any compact space, the key to decorating a shed studio is in maximizing light, space and convenience. A white-based color is an obvious choice for walls, although darker shades create depth and a cozy atmosphere. Using slim storage will also form the illusion of more space, and don’t forget about sockets and switches.

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