Hotel style bathrooms

Hotel style bathrooms

Hotel style bathrooms

Focus on one or two luxury pieces to recreate a hotel-style bathroom at
 Hotel and spa-type looks don’t have to break the bank. Whatever your budget is. it’s possible to add a few little details that will immediately make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious. Of course, the best thing to have is lots of space for a spa or hotel-style bathroom, but it’s not always available in every home. Instead, focus on one or two key j elements to achieve a luxurious look, such as a minimalist, frameless walk-in shower enclosure with an overhead rain showerhead; a marble or granite surround and upstand for the bath; a generously sized or focal-point bath; wall-hung fittings; a pair of basins; and raised floor levels.

Also consider half-height walls to add privacy for the WC in a family j bathroom or en suite, and false walls to accommodate recessed storage – perhaps behind hinged mirrors. Go for tiles and flooring that replicate real stone and wood for an upmarket look and. of course, plenty of gorgeously soft and pristine white towels for a luxury hotel feel. Wow-factor taps will also j lend an air of sophistication.

Open spaces.

With a bit of space and some DIY skills, installing a platform can be done easily as long as you’ve got enough ceiling height. Florence free-standing bath.

Focal-point color.

Inject a bold splash of color into a modern monochrome scheme.

Hotel style bathrooms

Spacious showering.

It’s great to have elbow room in the shower, and a walk- in or wet room-style design is the way to achieve exactly that. Keeping the tray flush to the floor will create a modern look.

Designated areas.

Creating a good bathroom layout is all about carefully planning where your main items will go. The right layout can make even the smallest of rooms feel spacious.

Keep it simple.

Create a sophisticated bathroom with a marble upstand around the edge of the bath. Wall paint in a contrasting shade will have instant impact.

En suite ensemble.

Counter-top basins teamed with a vanity storage unit are very popular at the moment and it helps to have surface and storage space in one unit without using up valuable floor space. It also has the added bonus of creating a streamlined look.

Statement pieces.

It’s not vital that every item in the bathroom is a statement piece – it’s enough to choose a stunning basin unit or a feature bath to bring attention to the bathroom.

Recline and relax.

A double-ended bath looks particularly luxurious if it’s set into a spacious surround.

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