Bathroom design for small space

Bathroom design for small space

Bathroom design for small space

Careful planning and storage keep a small
bathroom looking streamlined.
Most people will have an average-sized
bathroom – unless they\’re building a new house or working on a
bedroom-to-bathroom conversion. If you are one of the former, consider fittings
and furniture that make the most of the space. Use the wall area for slim
(depth-wise) cabinets that can help keep surfaces free from clutter; don’t
forget that a clear, uncluttered room will also look more spacious. Wall-hung
fittings – whether basins, WCs, bidets or furniture – also literally keep the floor
clear and therefore reinforce the appearance of more space. Vanity cabinets are
a valuable source of space – the sink is going to be there anyway, so use the
space beneath it, rather than waste it on a pedestal. The biggest space-save is
a shower-bath – but don\’t just stick a shower on the wall over the existing
bath, choose a designated shower-bath that has a larger showering end and a
well ­fitting shower door or panel that is tailor-made for that bath.

Neat option.

A vanity unit is a great use of space. Look for drawers that
can be compartmentalized for keeping make-up and toiletries organised.
Internally, drawers can \’wrap\’ around the waste fittings. Open storage is
useful too, but keep shelves for neat stacks of towels that are changed/moved
on a regular basis.

All fitted out.

Fitted bathroom furniture is a good, option for small
rooms and can make the most of the space in exactly the same way as in a
kitchen. It is a good option for a cloakroom layout or for fitting a WC, basin
and storage into a small corner, freeing up the rest of the room for a spacious
shower or free- ; standing tub. Ask for specialist design advice to achieve the
best, layout for your room.

Walk-in solutions.

If you don’t fancy the idea of a wet room, but want more
elbow space than an enclosed cubicle will provide, go for a halfway approach –
the walk-in shower cubicle. A walk- in shower often looks more discreet than a
full enclosure, as the frameless design is less imposing and appears to take up
less space. Try the New Illusion corner enclosure. The large solid safety glass
panels are cleverly held in place by non-slip hinges and a discreet channel in
the slimline tray.

Tall and slim.

Choose a tall, slim
radiator/towel rail for a space-saving solution.

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