High tech bathroom

High tech bathroom

High tech bathroom

Bring technology into your bathroom for the very latest in modern living. High-tech bathrooms don\’t
necessarily need to look futuristic, they can incorporate clever technical
ideas to make the bathroom streamlined and efficient without it looking like
something out of a science fiction film. Digital controls are big news
as far as showers are concerned, consider models from Aqualisa and Methven.
Adjustable lighting and AV systems are also very desirable – but always budget
for expert installation, visit cedia.co.uk for installer and supplier details.
Some of the latest high-tech ideas include illuminated baths, shower cubicles
(or \’pods\’), which come ready to plumb in and multi­functional cabins that
supply steam and massage facilities.

Tub-time viewing.

Multi-task by catching up on the soaps while lounging in the
tub! It’s perfectly possible to install a TV in the
bathroom. They have been prohibitively expensive in the past, but are a little
more affordable these days. Look for added extras too.

Clever calculations.

Take the hard work out of calculating the right size and
output of radiator you need for your new bathroom with the iPhone app from
Bisque. It’s available free from the App Store, and
shows the whole range of radiators from Bisque, alongside a heat-loss
calculator and guide.

Pre-fab pod.

The easiest way to install a shower is to buy a pod. which
comes complete with panel(s), door, shower valve and showerhead and a
Waterguard shower tray. These can be installed very quickly.

Pretty neat.

The new Beam enclosure by Mira has a precise quadrant shape
to maximise the use of space. Its semi-frameless | design complements a
minimalist look and works well with the latest streamlined shower valves.

Look on the
bright side.

Clever lighting is very on-trend this year with designers
suggesting colour therapy-style lighting changes to promote well-being. A
slightly less costly way of introducing a wow-factor in the lighting department
is to consider an illuminated bath panel.

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