Kitchen revamp tips

Kitchen revamp tips

Kitchen revamp tips

If you’re after a new look for your kitchen then tweak the basics with
our affordable ideas for floors, walls and windows.

noon and night we ask a lot of our kitchens. Not only do they have to contend
with daily wear and tear, we also want them to look good. Floors, walls and
windows account for a large proportion of the visual area in your kitchen so
you want to get them right and keep them looking good for years to come.

When it
comes to choosing your brand new look, take into account your current style of
kitchen, whether it\’s modern or traditional, large or small, and choose a
stylish new floor, wall update or window treatment / to fit harmoniously with
your current scheme.

Here\’s our
hit-list of what is available to buy and where to get it from, for a totally
stylish and completely affordable kitchen revamp.


When it
comes to buying a kitchen floor, there’s a whole world of options. Before you
take the plunge, consider your style of kitchen. Bright colours will work
wonderfully with sleek, glossy kitchens, while classic tiles look ideal in
country kitchens.

Expert advice.

\’The key
factors to keep in mind when choosing a new kitchen floor include the
durability and resistance of the flooring material and the overall look you

Mix &
match marmoleum.

Click tiles are available in several colourways so you can create your perfect

Kitchen revamp tips

Warm wood laminate.

floors, whether real or laminate, not only look beautiful, but also offer a
lovely feeling of warmth. Laminate flooring is a great option for the kitchen
as it is easy to clean, difficult to dent and is hard-wearing. It also comes in
a variety of styles that mimic every surface imaginable.


With all
sorts of liquids and food being splashed up against kitchen walls, it’s best to
get a splashback that’s waterproof and easy to clean, such as tiles or glass.
Other great ideas for kitchen walls include tongue- and-groove panels and
patterned wallpaper.


splashbacks provide a chic and stylish alternative to tiles as they look good,
are easy to clean, hygienic, perfect for modern kitchen designs.\”

Bricked up tiles.

Keep your
kitchen looking clean and crisp with oh-so-stylish brick tiles. Choose dark
grey grout for a contemporary twist.

So smooth glass.

splashbacks are a hugely popular choice for modern kitchens.


You can
change the look of your kitchen in an instant with brand new window treatments,
you just have to choose whether that’s in the form of shutters, blinds or film.

Low-fuss window

window film is an easy, quick and inexpensive way to update kitchen windows.
It’s easy / to install by yourself, and takes no time at all. Films maintain
privacy while allowing all available light to shine into the kitchen Frostbrite.

Simple look

Blinds are
a great way to introduce a shot of colour and pattern into a kitchen. And they
are easy to swap any time you want a new look.

Elegant touch shutters.

are the perfect solution for creating a simple and practical window dressing,
plus they let the light stream in while maintaining privacy.

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